Housing market ‘missing autumn bounce’…


The asking price for the average UK home fell by 0.2%, or £730, in September compared with August, as the housing market failed to pick up after the summer, according to property website Rightmove.

It was the first time prices have seen a month-on-month fall in September since 2010, the website said.

“Many have got used to living in the jaws of uncertainty since the referendum over three years ago and have been getting on with their lives and housing moves, ” said Rightmove’s Miles Shipside.

“However, as we approach yet another Brexit deadline, there are signs that the increasing gnashing of teeth is causing some to hesitate.

“The autumn bounce normally kicks off at the same time as kids go back to school, but this year it’s a late starter at best, and if uncertainty persists then the autumn term could be missed altogether, and its activities be delayed until the new year.